Berlin Jewish Heritage In A Day Tour

This Berlin Jewish Heritage In A Day tour delves into the captivating story of Berlin’s Jewish community, tracing its journey from the city’s founding to the present day. Berlin became home to Germany’s largest Jewish community in the 20th century. The city is the  birthplace of the Jewish reformed movement known as the Haskalah in the 18th century. The city’s Jewish history is rich and well worth exploring.

Early Jewish Settlers

Discover the early Jewish settlers. What attracted them to Berlin? How many of them rose to prominence as skilled craftsmen, successful bankers, and merchants? Explore the Hackescher Markt neighborhood and learn about its transformation into Berlin’s Jewish quarter.

Prominent Jewish Figures

Visit sites connected to prominent Jewish figures such as the Mendelssohn family, Walter Rathenau, and Albert Einstein. Walk in their footsteps and uncover their deep connections to Berlin.

Jewish Landmarks

This comprehensive tour takes you to key landmarks, including the New Berlin Synagogue and the locations of the first Jewish places of worship. Learn about the significance of the New Berlin Synagogue, which became the the first one with an entrance at street level in Germany. Additionally, explore the Monument to the Jewish Garment Industry and delve into the history of Berlin’s former fashion center.

The Dark Side of Berlin’s Jewish History

Confront the darkest chapter of Berlin’s Jewish history—the Shoah. You’ll visit the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and discuss the Nazi book burnings on Bebel Square.

A Comprehensive Exploration

This tour goes beyond simply visiting sights; our knowledgeable guides expertly weave together the intricate story of Jewish Berlin, covering spiritual, religious, and business aspects. Gain insights into the evolution of the local Jewish community from its early days to the present, as you immerse yourself in this captivating and comprehensive exploration of Berlin’s rich Jewish heritage.


6 hrs


Walking And By Car


*New Berlin Synagogue

*Jewish Sights of West Berlin

*Old Jewish Cemetery

*Deserted Room Memorial

* Former Jewish Fashion Industry District

*Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

*Women's Protest Memorial

These are just some sights included into the tour. Please contact us for more detailed tour itinerary.