Private In-Person Tours

We don’t just limit ourselves to Jewish heritage tours. We also offer cultural, general history, and food private in-person tours of Krakow, Berlin and more. Our aim is to create the most immersive and exciting experiences for our guests in each of our destinations.

Although based in Berlin and Krakow, we run our private tours in various places across Germany and Poland. While some are major tourist destinations, others are hidden gems in Central and Eastern Europe. We also love building cultural and historic connections on our tours and putting local history into the general history perspective.

We’ll be delighted to build a multi-destination tour program for you and guide you in multiple destinations that are on our travel list. You can preview the tour destinations that we cover on our Youtube channel. Contact us to create a custom multi-destination tour program.

private in-person tours

Our tours offer a comprehensive perspective on the Jewish heritage of Krakow and Poland’s Jews within the broader context of general history. We also build connections between Jewish heritage in various regions of Central and Eastern Europe, fostering a deeper understanding of the vibrant nature of Jewish culture.


See our founder, Olga Bohonovskaia, talk about our private in-person tours in Poland and Germany. Learn how we create immersive and fun experience for our tour guests, and get a glimpse of the destinations we cover.