Berlin Landmarks And Jewish Sights Tour

Berlin Landmarks and Jewish Sights tour takes you on a journey through Berlin’s rich history and Jewish heritage. The tour offers a unique opportunity to explore the city’s general history and main attractions while delving into the story of its once vibrant Jewish community.

Berlin’s General History and Sightseeing

We’ll start this tour from Berlin’s heart – Nikolaiviertel. The cradle of Old Berlin, this charming neighbourhood was reconstructed by the GDR government. The tour proceeds with a visit to the most important sights of the German capital. You’ll uncover the secrets of Berlin’s iconic Unter den Linden and the Berliner Dom. Find out how the Brandenburg Gate looked in the past. Where was the Hitler’s bunker? What Natzi government building still exists today?

The Story of Berlin’s Jewry and Main Jewish Sights

During this Berlin Landmarks and Jewish Sights tour, we will share the story of Berlin, from its beginnings to its growth into one of Europe’s most beautiful and influential cities. We will explore how emancipated and liberal Jews played a significant role in shaping the city’s history and how the two are intertwined. As we stroll through the picturesque historic quarter, we’ll uncover traces of Jewish history behind Berlin’s main landmarks.

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4 hrs


On Foot And By Car


*Brandenburg Gate

*Unter den Linden

*Berliner Cathedral

*City Palace (Humbolt Forum)

*New Berlin Synagogue

*Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

*Memorial to the Women’s Protest

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