Jewish Berlin Walking Tour. From Early Jewish Settlers To Golden Age

This Jewish Berlin walking tour offers a fascinating exploration of the history of Berlin’s Jewish community from the Middle Ages to the flourishing late 19th century. Learn about the early Jewish settlers and what drew them to Berlin as you explore the neighborhood where they established their first synagogue and cemetery.

Discover the typical professions of Jews during that time and why the Haskalah, a reformed movement, gained such widespread popularity among Berlin’s Jewish population. Learn about the emancipated Jewish men and women who made an impact on the community.

Follow in the footsteps of Moses Mendelssohn, a pioneer of Jewish civil rights and equality, as well as a founder of the Haskalah movement. As you hear the story of the New Berlin Synagogue, you’ll understand why it became the first place of worship in Germany with an entrance at street level.

On this Berlin Jewish walking tour Explore the oldest artifacts belonging to Berlin’s Jewish community and walk down the historic Jewish street, uncovering the area where early Jewish settlers lived and experienced the first pogroms. You’ll also visit the neighborhood that was once the center of the Jewish fashion industry in the 1800s and see former Jewish-owned department stores.


3 hrs


Walking Tour


*Old Jewish Cemetery

*New Berlin Synagogue

*Monument to the “Fabrik Aktion”/ Women’s Protest

*Monument to the Jewish Fashion industry

These are some of the sights included into the tour. Contact us for the detailed tour itinerary.