Jewish History Of Berlin’s City Center. From Heyday To Shoa

Jewish History Of Berlin’s City Center walking tour invites you to explore the history of Berlin’s former Jewish quarter, from its thriving heyday to the tragic events of the Shoah. Learn why the early Jewish settlers chose the Spandau quarter as their home and where they established their synagogues. Discover the reasons behind the Orthodox congregation’s separation from the broader Berlin Jewish community.

As you traverse the neighborhood, you’ll hear captivating stories of Berlin’s Jews who became small retailers and owners of famous department stores. You’ll see their properties both in person and through historical photographs.

On this Jewish History Of Berlin’s City Center walking tour, you’ll witness how the lives of Jews changed with the rise of the Nazis. Visit areas of destroyed synagogues and former Jewish community centers that were transformed into gathering places for deportees, and learn about the first Jewish museum, which was looted during this dark period. You’ll uncover sites connected to this heartbreaking era and hear poignant stories of Berlin’s Jewish residents.

The tour will also shed light on the experiences of Jewish survivors and the Germans who aided them. You’ll hear the story of Otto Wildt and visit the location of his workshop, which employed Jews during this challenging time. At the Memorial to the Women’s Protest, you’ll learn about the courageous acts of around 600 German women who saved their Jewish husbands. The tour concludes at the Deserted Room, a memorial that symbolizes the fascinating yet heart-wrenching history of Berlin’s former Jewish quarter.


4 hrs


Walking Tour


*New Berlin Synagogue

*Address of the Old Reformed Jewish Community and Temple

*Adass Yisroel (Orthodox Litvak)

*Buildings of the Jewish schools and the hospital

*Old Cemetery

*Deserted Room Memorial

*Stumbling stones

*Memorial to the Women’s Protest

*Otto Widt Workshop

*Anna Frank Center