Jewish Krakow Tour. From Kazimierz To Ghetto

This Jewish Krakow tour takes you to the 20th century, a very interesting, yet devastating period in the history of the city’s Jews. Explore Jewish life in Kazimierz and learn where more secular and upper-class Jews settled in Krakow. Uncover a few remaining Jewish artifacts that belong to the first decades of the nineteen hundreds.

Find out how the outbreak of the Second World War and the Nazi occupation of Poland changed the lives of Krakow’s Jews. What happened to the synagogues and Jewish businesses? Walk in the footsteps of the city’s Jews from Kazimierz to Podgorze, Krakow’s district that the Nazis turned into a ghetto.

Learn about life in the ghetto as you stroll down the streets of Podgorze. Standing on Bohaterow Ghetto square and walking by the remains of the ghetto wall, go back in time to the last period of the ghetto’s existence. Finally, your tour guide will share with you the complicated post-war history. What did the Jews go through when the war ended? How big is the Jewish community now? Join this private Jewish Krakow tour to explore the bright and the most devastating periods of Krakow’s Jewish community.

And of course, we’ll talk about Spielberg’s film “Schindler’s List” – what’s true and what’s fiction? Join us to find out! What’s more, you’ll learn about the Odessan Schindler.

A quick stop for drinks/snacks at an authentic local eatery with a Jewish flavor can be included in the tour. This is a walking tour done at a comfortable pace, no steps or walking uphill or downhill is required.

We can arrange a private Schindler’s Factory tour per your request.

Tour Duration

3 hrs

Tour Type

Walking tour/Walking tour and a tour by car upon request


*Kazimierz: old Jewish stores, synagogues and the most famous backyard. Monuments connected with the WW2 period

*Podgorze: the ghetto route. From the central square to the remains of the wall

Podgorze and Kazmierz as filmed in the “Schindler’s List”. Truth and fiction

These are just some of the sights included into the tour. Email us for the complete tour itinerary and price.