Jewish Krakow Walking Tour. Golden Age

This Jewish Krakow walking tour will take you back to the Golden Age of Krakow’s Jewry. You’ll learn why Krakow became a major place of residence for the Ashkenazi Jews of Europe, who the early Jewish settlers were, and why the Jews were called ‘the servants to the kings”.

On this 3-hour Jewish Krakow walking tour, we’ll discuss Krakow’s Jewry from the city’s founding until the late eighteen hundreds. You’ll hear a fascinating legend of Esterka, a great Jewish beauty, and Poland’s most famous king Kazimir the Great. On a visit to the old synagogues, you’ll learn about distinguished rabbis and learned men who made Krakow a major Jewish scholarly center.

We’ll also talk about the first pogroms, the Reformed and Polonized Jews, and how the local Jewish community evolved and became more than “Krak”. Moreover, you’ll uncover interesting connections between the Krakow and Regensburg Jews. You’ll also learn what made Galicia Jews move to the Ukrainian port city of Odessa in the eighteen hundreds.

You’ll visit the Old and Remu Synagogues. At the oldest Jewish cemetery, you’ll learn why it has become a major pilgrimage place for the Orthodox Jews. Uncover the secrets and splendors of the main square of the old Jewish quarter and listen to the amazing story of the most imposing synagogue of Kazimierz.

Ready to explore the fascinating Golden Age of Krakow Jews? Join us!

Tour Duration

2.5 hrs

Tour Type

Walking Tour

Sights Included Into The Tour

*Old Town: Grand Market Square, former Jewish streets

*Kazimierz, Krakow's former Jewish Quarter

*Old Synagogue

*Remu Synagogue

*Wolf Popper Synagogue

*Kupa Synagogue

*Old Jewish Cemetery


*Buildings of former Jewish schools

*Property that belonged to the Jews.

These are just some of the sights included into the tour. Email us for the complete tour itinerary and price.