Jewish Nuremberg Tour. From Vibrant Community To Nuremberg Laws

Join this private Jewish Nuremberg tour to explore the interesting, yet devastating history of the Nuremberg Jews. Once the second largest Jewish community in Bavaria, it was wiped out by the Nazis.

The tour starts with a stroll around the Old Town. When did the Jews settle in Nuremberg?You’ll uncover traces of the medieval Jewish community, including stones from the old Jewish cemetery. Learn why the Star of David marks the floor of Nuremberg’s most important church and walk around the former Jewish quarter. Find out how the community was re-established following the Black Death and where the synagogues were built.

We’ll move forward in time to the devastating 20th century. Learn why Nuremberg was considered by the Nazis as the “most German of all German cities” and how it affected the local Jews. Visit the Nazi rally grounds and learn about the Nuremberg Laws. Explore the tragic events of the Kristallnacht pogrom in Nuremberg. Visit the memorials that honor the wiped-out community and symbolize modern-day Nuremberg’s preservation of its history.

Finally, we’ll provide insights into the modern day Jewish community of Nuremberg.

Join this private Jewish Nuremberg tour to gain a deeper understanding of the city’s complex and poignant Jewish heritage.


5 hrs


Walking + By Car Tour


*Jewish Heritage Of The Old Town

*Human Rights Street

*Nazi Rally Grounds

Contact us for a tour itinerary for the detailed list of sights.