Krakow Off-The-Beaten Path

Venture off the beaten path in Krakow with our private walking tour, designed to reveal the city’s hidden gems. Step beyond the familiar routes of the Old Town. Discover the captivating stories of the historic quarters that were once independent towns. This exciting tour takes you through a local farmers’ market and Krakow’s most prestigious private real estate area.

As you traverse these lesser-known districts, you’ll gain an authentic local experience and immerse yourself in the genuine ambiance of the city. Visit the iconic Krakus Mound and Lasota Hill, offering panoramic views of Krakow and the remnants of the old fortress. Your tour will take you to the only 12-century St Benedict church in Krakow, which preserved much of its original ancient architecture. You’ll learn why it opens its doors only once a year. What holiday was transferred to Christianity from pagan days? The guide will definitely share this little known story with you.

Explore charming Kleparz, a historic neighbourhood of Krakow. Savor Krakow’s culinary delights at the neighborhood’s farmers’ market, where you’ll learn about local food traditions. This Krakow off-the-beaten-path tour provides an extraordinary opportunity to uncover Krakow’s hidden treasures, offering a refreshing perspective on this charming city.

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3 hrs


Walking tour


*Kleparz neighborhood

*Podgorze neighborhood: Krakus Mound, St Benedikt church, Market Square