Krakow Through The Centuries Walking Tour

This is the “must do” Krakow walking tour, miss it and you’ve missed Krakow. For Krakow Through the Centuries private tour takes you through more than a thousand years of the city’s history. Worried that you will spend 3 hours listening to a monotonous lecture packed with boring facts, stats and people’s names? Not at all!

The city’s past is a cocktail of exciting stories and legends cast in stone and we take it all in: how the Dragon became a city symbol and why the Wawel Hill was called so, what the first city’s shopping mall is and how come St Stanislaus became the main saint, the city’s beating heart of all times – Grand Market Square and its secrets.

Krakow has a little bit of secret history, which we’ll crack during this walk. We’ll take you through the Old Town. Its concealed streets and backyards are keyholes into Krakow’s past. They harbor everything. From traces of the city legends to old frescos to ancient beams and cellars. It’s old, vintage Krakow, full of character and off the beaten track passageways. They take you into the time of Krakow’s golden age.

We’ll uncover secrets of Krakow’s main attractions. You’ll go beyond the facades of the historic landmarks. We’ll walk through Krakow’s Old Town. And the past will suddenly rise to the surface, skillfully told by a great guide.

You may rightfully say that you can see it all by yourself… We’ll dare argue with that. Each sight in Krakow is an exciting mix of stories hidden behind an architectural facade. To hear the stories is to experience the city. You are sure to enjoy this Krakow private walking tour!


3 hrs


Walking tour


*Wawel Royal Residence and Cathedral

*St Peter’s and Paul’s, St Andrew’s basilicas

*Grand Market square, Town Hall Tower, Cloth Hall

*St Mary’s Basilica and St Adalbert’s church

*St Franciscan and St Dominican monasteries

*Old University

These are just some of the sights included into the tour. Email us for the complete tour itinerary and price.