Nuremberg Food Tour

Nuremberg Food Tour

Nuremberg Food Tour — Get adventurous. Eat local. Explore more. Enjoy a variety of Nuremberg’s traditional food in authentic local places.

Nuremberg is the capital of Franconia, a special region in Germany and Bavaria, with its own distinctive history and culture. During this tour, you’ll enjoy a range of food specialties rooted in Nuremberg’s history, and find out what has helped establish the city’s reputation as one of Germany’s greatest culinary and cultural centers. We’ll explore the history, culture, and lifestyle that make Nuremberg unique and set it apart from other German cities.

Why are the iconic Nuremberg sausages no bigger than a finger? What is the story behind Elisenlebkuchen? Finally, what are the Franconian specialties and what makes them different from the rest of Bavarian food?On this Nuremberg Food Tour we’ll literally eat our way through Nuremberg’s historical quarter. We’ll stop at three local restaurants and delis, each with a different flavor. After all, you must try a Nuremberg sausage, which recipe has been included into UNESCO World heritage (and find out why it was listed) in a local deli soaked in history. Between the food tasting stops, we’ll walk through the old town, uncovering its hidden gems and exploring famous sights.

So, join us and get a taste of Nuremberg! Please note that this tour cannot accommodate gluten-free diets.



3 hrs


Walking Tour


*Old Town With Its Main Attraction And Off-The-Beaten Path Areas

These are just some of the sights included into the tour. Email us for the complete tour itinerary and price.