Regensburg Pubs Walk


Regensburg Pubs Walk is a fun and informative way to explore the fourth largest city of Bavaria. We’ll delve into Regensburg’s local beer-making and drinking history. Take a relaxing stroll through the off-the-beaten-path areas of the historical quarter, and visit three pubs, each with a unique atmosphere and flavor. Along the way, you’ll engage in interesting conversations about local culture and traditions.

Discover the rich history of Regensburg’s beer-making and drinking culture as we guide you through the charming city streets. Immerse yourself in the local atmosphere as you sample some of the finest beers Regensburg has to offer. Our knowledgeable guide will share fascinating stories about the city’s beer scene, both past and present. You’ll learn who were the first beer makers in the city and how they lost their privilege. What other drink was Regensburg’s favourite since the medieval times? What is the most known local brewery with history and where was the old wine market?

This tour is perfect for those looking for a unique and authentic experience in Regensburg. As we explore the city’s vibrant pub scene, you’ll gain insights into the local lifestyle and learn about the region’s brewing heritage. You’ll try different kinds of local beer at three different pubs with history. Having a beer in a mansion of a wealthy patrician will certainly add a different dimension to your Regensburg’s experience.

So, if you’re ready for an exciting and delicious adventure, sign up for the Regensburg Pubs Walk and discover the hidden gems of this historic Bavarian city!


2,5 hrs


Walking Tour


*Old Town