Uncovering Jewish History of West Berlin

Jewish History of West Berlin tour takes you on a fascinating exploration of the charming neighborhood of West Berlin, which became a thriving hub for Jewish merchants, bankers, intellectuals, and cultural elites in the late 19th and first decades of the 20th centuries. The area has preserved a wealth of captivating Jewish heritage that you’ll get to explore alongside your private guide.

Learn about the reasons behind the first major outbreak of violence against Jews. Discover the history of the main West Berlin synagogue that once stood as a symbol of the community’s presence. You’ll fin out who presented the German Emperor with a bouquet of flowers during the synagogue’s opening ceremony.

As you delve deeper into the neighborhood’s history with the Jewish History of West Berlin tour , you’ll uncover the hidden connections between West Berlin’s iconic landmarks—KaDeWE, Kurfürstendamm, and Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church—and the local Jewish community. Your tour will take you through the bohemian streets of West Berlin. You’ll learn about the Jewish settlers who contributed to the area’s unique character.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the rich Jewish heritage of West Berlin. Gain a deeper understanding of the city’s complex past on this enlightening and engaging tour.


3 hrs


Walking Tour


*Reformed community synagogue (exterior only)

*Berlin’s Jewish Community HQs

*Stumbling stones and memorial plaques

*Location of the main synagogue for the West Berlin Jews

*Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

*Jewish History Of Kurfürstendamm

*Jewish Story Of KaDeWE and Karstadt