Jewish Erfurt Uncovered

Book the Jewish Erfurt Uncovered virtual tour to discover the amazing recent discovery of Erfurt’s fascinating ancient Jewish heritage.

Erfurt boasts one of Europe’s oldest Jewish communities, which traces its history back to the 9th century. Only recently, the city historians uncovered the city’s immense Jewish heritage. In 2023 it became UNESCO World Heritage.

With this Jewish Erfurt Uncovered virtual tour, you’ll visit the Old Synagogue, built in 1094 and preserved intact to this day. You’ll learn the exciting story of the medieval Erfurt treasures, discovered just a decade ago. Your guide will take you on a virtual visit to the old Mikveh, which was in use for 300 years.

Although the Jews left Erfurt in the 15th century, the community was re-established in the 19th century, and a new synagogue was built. Explore the artefacts that belonged to the second community.

The Jews left Erfurt in the middle of the 15th century. But they came back in the first decades of the eighteen hundreds. The Jews built the new synagogue and played prominent role in the municipal government and business.

Learn about the fate of Erfurt’s Jews during the Nazi period and how the ancient Jewish artifacts survived. The virtual visit to the Erfurt Jewish museum will uncover amazing, yet devastating stories of the community in 1930s and during WW2.

Finally, you’ll visit the modern synagogue and Jewish community center on Yuri Gagarin street, which stands as a testament to the resilience of the Jewish community in Erfurt. This virtual tour provides a comprehensive look at the city’s rich Jewish history, offering valuable insights into the community’s past and present.


1 hr 30 min, including Q&A


Pre-recorded video Zoom-based tour with the guide's live narrative and a live Q&A


*Old Synagogue

*Old Mikveh

*12 cent stone UNESCO listed house

*Former Old Jewish Quarter

*Area of the Old Jewish Cemetery

*Small Synagogue

*19th cent cemetery

*New Synagogue And Community Center

These are just some of the sights included into the tour. Email us for the complete tour itinerary and price.