Jewish Krakow Virtual Tour

Jewish Krakow Virtual Tour Part 1. Golden Age of Krakow Jews

This Jewish Krakow virtual tour offers a captivating exploration of the city’s rich Jewish history, from its origins to 19th century. Discover how Krakow became one of the major centers of Jewish life in Europe. Virtually visit seven historic synagogues built between the 15th and 17th centuries.

On a virtual walk around Krakow’s former Jewish quarter, you’ll learn about the city’s oldest synagogues. Explore the fascinating history of the Jewish community. Olga will take you to the oldest Jewish cemetery. How did it survive WW2? Why did it become an important place of pilgrimage for Orthodox Jews?

As you stroll through the magnificent Krakow Old Town, you’ll learn what attracted Jews to the medieval city. Where did they settle? What trades were they involved in? You’ll go back in time to the 15th century and learn why Jews relocated to the neighboring town of Kazimierz. You’ll also discover whether Kazimierz became a Jewish ghetto and what restrictions were imposed upon the Jews.

The tour will explore the 19th-century period and the story of the progressive community and the Temple. Moreover, you’ll see the birthplace of the famous “beauty queen” and the founder of the Helena Rubinstein brand. Learn what helped her start her beauty empire.


Jewish Krakow Tour Part 2. Krakow Jews In WW2

With the Jewish Krakow Virtual Tour Part 2, you’ll delve into the most devastating period of the Krakow Jews’ history. Discover which artifacts belonging to the community survived the Nazi occupation. Virtually visit the Krakow ghetto area and the Schindler’s Factory.

The virtual exploration starts in Krakow’s Old Town and the historic neighborhood of Kazimierz. You’ll learn how the lives of the local Jews changed when the Natzis occupied the and made it the capital. From the historic quarter, you’ll move to the ghetto area, exploring the reasons behind its establishment 1.5 years after Krakow’s occupation and the harsh living conditions that prevailed there.

As you walk the Ghetto Memorial trail, you’ll encounter traces of Nazi shootings, the only pharmacy within the ghetto, a synagogue, and the houses that were occupied by various Jewish organizations. You’ll also learn about the dark history of the Jewish police and its head, Symcha Spiro.

The tour will take you to the Ghetto Heroes square, where the main memorial commemorates the memories of Krakow’s Jews. You’ll learn about the closure of the ghetto and the fate of its Jewish inhabitants. Finally, you’ll get a glimpse of the Plaszow Concentration camp area, where a new memorial dedicated to Krakow’s Jews was opened in 2024.


1 hr 30 min, including live Q &A


This is a pre-recorded video tour with the guide's live narrative and a live Q7A


You can book any part or the both in their sequence. Email us for the complete tour itinerary and price.