UNESCO Jewish Heritage of Worms, Speyer and Mainz

Join Olga for this exciting Jewish Worms Virtual Tour to uncover fascinating UNESCO listed heritage of some of Europe’s oldest Jewish communities. For around 1000 years the three imperial cities located on the Rhine river – Worms, Speyer and Mainz were shaped by the Jewish life. Traces of this time can still be found today.

Part 1. Jewish Worms Virtual Tour

Part 1 of the series focuses on the city of Worms, one of Germany’s oldest cities. Visit the UNESCO-listed Jewish sights of Worms and immerse yourself in its fascinating Jewish heritage. Learn about the famous Jews whose roots were in Worms.

The virtual experience starts with the Old Synagogue of Worms. “The centuries mirrored in the synagogue in Worms are a symbol of heritage.” (Leo Baeck, 1934) Marvel at the ancient Gothic synagogue of Worms, built in 1034 and served as a model for synagogues in Krakow, Vienna, and Prague. You’ll learn how the synagogue survived the devastating WW2 period.

Go back in time to the Middle Ages when Worms became known as Jerusalem on the Rhine. Olga will share with you the fascinating story of the Worms Mahzor, the 13th-century festival prayer book that managed to survive WWII. You’ll also visit the Rashi house, which has been a place of pilgrimage for Ashkenazi Jews for centuries.

A visit to the Holy Sands cemetery, the oldest Jewish cemetery north of the Alps, will take you on an amazing journey to the heyday of the Worms Jews. With over 2,500 tombstones dating from the 11th century to the 1930s, the cemetery survived WWII unscathed.

You’ll virtually stroll the streets of Worms’ former Jewish quarter and uncover the traces of the fascinating Jewish heritage. Finally, you’ll learn about the most devastating period in the history of Worms’ Jews and how the community was re-established in the post-war period.

Part 2. Jewish Heritage of Speyer

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Part 3. Jewish Heritage of Meinz

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1 hr 30 min, including Q&A


Pre-recorded Zoom-based video tour with the guide's live narrative including live Q&A


*UNESCO Listed Old Town

*Holy Sands Cemetery

*Old Synagogue

*Rashi House - Jewish Museum

*Old Jewish Quarter

*Stumbling Stones