Worms Food And Drink Tour

Join the Worms Food and Drink tour to explore Worms’ history and culture through its original food specialties and wine. Located in the valleys of the Rhine river, the ancient UNESCO-listed city boasts a thousand-year-long history of wine-making. You’ll learn about the first wine makers in the region and the most famous wine brand. Discover how the wine-making industry is intertwined with the city’s fascinating history. Why did a local monastery became the first wine maker in the region? What is the most popular and original wine brand?

During the tour, you’ll stroll through the Old Town and in between the tasting stops visit the major attractions of Worms. Learn the history of the imposing Worms’ Cathedral and uncover the exciting stories of the Worms’ dragons.

On this tour, you’ll visit a local specialty wine restaurant. As you taste the local wines, you’ll gain insights into the city’s wine-making. On a visit to a local restaurant you’ll taste local specialties. What are the distinct characteristics of Worms’ cuisine? What sets it apart from other regional cuisines?

Join this exciting and delicious Worms Food and Drink tour to eat and drink your way through the UNESCO-listed Old Town and explore its fascinating history.

Tour Duration

3 hrs

Tour Type

Walking Tour

Sights Included Into The Tour

* Old Town